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Looking For a Dental Guide?

As of September 1, 2017, the Alberta Dental Association & College (with close collaboration with the Alberta Provincial Government) will now be publishing an Alberta Dental Fee Guide. A provincial fee guide has not been generated by the Alberta Dental Association & College since 1997. While this is optional for practitioners to follow, both Harvest Dental Care clinics will be using this new and updated 2017 Alberta Dental Fee Guide for establishing the fees we charge.

A copy of this 2017 Alberta Dental Fee Guide (in PDF format) can be found through the Alberta Dental Association’s website.

Each Insurance Provider now sets their own individual fee guide? That’s correct. Moreso, as of August 17, 2017, some Insurance Providers, such as Alberta Blue Cross, have more than one fee guides for different dental plans that they offer. You should check with your insurance provider whether they are also following the 2017 Alberta Dental Fee Guide and how it compares to other fee guides in other plans they offer. Payment for claims by insurance benefits are a percentage of the rate in their fee guide.

Each dental offices set their own single fee guide? Yes and Harvest Dental Care will be following the new 2017 Alberta Dental Fee Guide going forward, for the benefit, convenience and transparency for our patients. According to the Alberta Dental Association’s professional standards, that single fee guide may not vary between patients or insurance plans. Therefore, when a plan states that it provides 100% coverage, that coverage is based on the Insurance Provider’s fee guide (and does not necessarily equal the dental office’s fee guide).

At our office we believe in providing a high standard of care at a fair price for dental treatment provided by general dentists.

Alberta’s Updated Dental Fee Guide

In September 2107 the Provincial Government with the Alberta Dental Association & College published an updated Alberta Dental Fee Guide. This guide had previously been discontinued in 1997 and the new updated version is voluntary. South AirDrie Smiles has chosen to follow the 2017 Alberta Dental Fee Guide because we strongly believe it allows us to provide our patients with the high standard of dental care they have come to expect, using the most advanced and appropriate materials to restore and protect dental health.

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Maximising the Benefit of Your Dental Insurance

We do encourage all our patients who have dental insurance to check which procedures are eligible for benefits, to take full advantage of their chosen scheme. The Alberta Dental Association & College highlights the fact that dental insurance should be regarded not as insurance, but more as a prepaid benefits plan, and as a way of helping people pay for some of their dental treatment. If you would like us to submit a Predetermination of Benefits to your insurance provider, then please contact South AirDrie Smiles and we will be delighted to assist you.

The introduction of the new Alberta Fee Guide will not in any way affect the level of care provided by South AirDrie Smiles to our patients and we are proud to be part of our community.

How Will This Affect My Dental Insurance?

It is expected that the introduction of this guide could affect insurance coverage and it is possible your insurance company may decide to reduce their benefits coverage. Some insurance companies might choose to follow a fee guide lower than the updated Alberta Fee Guide, providing payment for claims as a percentage of the rate shown in their fee guide. Additionally, insurance companies will not provide comprehensive coverage for all procedures and treatments detailed in the updated Alberta Fee Guide. Here at South AirDrie Smiles, we realize this can be confusing which is why our friendly dental team will work with you to discover which procedures are covered by your insurance provider. To do this, we can issue your insurance provider with a Predetermination of Benefits request on your behalf.

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