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Get Customized Dental Crowns and Bridges in Airdrie

When it comes to saving your smile, you might need more than just a filling for that cavity. At South Airdrie Smiles, we offer tailored treatment plans that fit your unique oral health concerns and long-term goals. Sometimes, that means providing a full coverage crown or even a dental bridge.

Reasons for Getting a Crown

If you have a small cavity, a filling is usually adequate for patching the area up. Unfortunately, if the decay is very large, the weaker shell of your enamel can’t support a large restoration. It would just break down when you bite on something.

With a crown, you can cover the healthy tooth structure and redistribute biting pressure so that the tooth functions normally.

Crowns are also used to repair teeth with significant fractures, old large fillings, or after a root canal to prevent breakage. They also anchor on top of dental implants for single tooth replacement.

Dental Bridges for Missing Teeth

Bridges are like crowns that suspend an artificial crown between them, with each end bonded over a healthy tooth. This “bridges” the gap left by your missing teeth. Fortunately, you can also elect to have implant supported bridges to replace more teeth at one time, without altering the integrity of your healthy smile!

Caring for Your Bridge or Crown

Once you’ve had a crown, bridge, or even a filling placed, you’re not off the hook. You should carefully brush and floss around your teeth daily to prevent bacteria from leaking into the margin around your new restoration. Good oral hygiene can prevent recurrent decay, allowing your new crown or bridge to last as long as possible.

At South Airdrie Smiles, we use porcelain crowns that mimic the color and appearance of your neighboring teeth. Contact us today!

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