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Safe and Professional Teeth Whitening in Airdrie

Seeing a dentist to whiten your teeth can give you faster, better results than using a weaker store-bought kit. At South Airdrie Smiles , we provide tailored teeth whitening treatments to help you compliment your smile’s appearance in less time.

You may want to consider whitening your teeth if you:

  • Have planned cosmetic treatment such as veneers or crowns coming up
  • Want to lighten your teeth during Invisalign treatment
  • Have a big event such as a wedding or job interview planned
  • Desire to take the aged discoloration off your teeth

Types of Dental Whitening Treatments

Depending on your smile and how quickly you want to see results, most of our Airdrie whitening patients will request one of the following two options:

In-House Whitening

Jump start your cosmetic dental treatment with a one hour visit to our Airdrie office. The accelerated whitening solution is applied to your teeth to lift deep stain particles from the porous surfaces of your enamel. You can even follow up with take home trays to extend your results.

Custom Trays for Home Use

If you’re not in a rush you can whiten your teeth in the convenience of your own home. The custom trays hold a concentrated gel against your teeth for even results across your smile. For best results, wear your trays for about an hour a day for 10-14 days. Pick up a gel refill during your next checkup to extend your results from year to year!

Most people find that whitening their teeth makes them feel more confident and happy to smile around their friends, family, and colleagues. It might be just what you need to boost your desire to smile in that next group photo. Book a consultation today to see if whitening is right for you.

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