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Dental Services, Gum Disease   •   March 6, 2019

Gums Keep Your Teeth in Place…True or False?

If you were to ask your friends and family if they think that gums keep your teeth in place, many would say yes. But, they would be wrong. The correct answer is the jaw bone. It’s the jaw bone that holds everything together. However, there is a connect between the two. If your gums are […]

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Dental Services   •   January 30, 2019

Bad Breath Can Leave You Lonely.

We aren’t talking about the kind of bad breath caused by eating garlic or drinking coffee. No, that kind of thing can be fixed with a quick brush of your teeth. Or a breath mint (or two) if you’re out and about. But bad breath that you can’t get rid of. Bad breath people in […]

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Dental Services   •   January 28, 2019

4 Tips to Tuck Your Children’s Teeth into Bed at Night…

This also works for your teeth too! Good oral hygiene is beneficial for the young and the young at heart. Along with that, you know you’re supposed to brush your teeth morning, noon and night. But that night one is tough. You kid is tired. You’re tired. Everyone is in a hurry to plop into […]

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Dental Services   •   January 14, 2019

New Year’s Resolution For Proactive Tooth and Gum Care for Your Children

With the end of each year, people begin to think about what they might do different in the coming year. It would probably be fair to say, losing weight, quit smoking and exercising more top the list of resolution. Now, here’s a resolution you might want to consider making even before the end of the […]

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