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Dental Health   •   January 23, 2019

Talk About Grinding Your Teeth

Do you or someone you love grind their teeth? If so, you’re joining over 610,000 people worldwide struggling with the same issue! According to the Canadian Sleep Society, about eight percent of adults and 14 percent of kids report grinding their teeth a few times a week. It’s called ‘bruxism’ and can be linked to […]

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Dental Services   •   August 23, 2018

Sensitive Teeth Are No Laughing Matter to South Airdrie Smiles Dentists

I overheard a patient’s young son complaining about how it hurt when he drank something cold. His mother asked her son why he hadn’t told her about the pain he was experiencing. His reply, “You said not to be so sensitive.” It’s a cute response, but sensitive teeth are NO laughing matter. Biting. Cold. Heat. […]

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