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sedation dentistry in Airdrie

3 Common Questions Related To Sedation Dentistry

Is the anxiety of visiting a dentist stopping you from undergoing necessary dental procedures? If yes, there is nothing really to worry about. There are numerous sedation dentistry options available nowadays that can help cope with the problem related to dental phobia. Talking to your dentist in person will give you a clear idea about sedation dentistry. This blog will discuss common queries about dental sedation that you should ask your dentist. 

The procedure of seeing the dentist can be made relaxing and anxiety-free with dental sedation. People who are afraid of consulting the dentist, have sensitive teeth, an overactive gag reflex, or have a complex dental issue that requires a complicated dental treatment are most suited for dental sedation. 

Is Dental Sedation Perfect For Me?

Your dentist can examine your options for dental sedation during the consultation. This usually depends on your age, overall health, the root of your stress (e.g., childhood anxieties, traumatic experiences), what about the dental procedure particularly troubles you, physical discomforts, potential drug interactions, and anything else you may be thinking of.

Here at South Airdrie Smiles, we recognize the significance of receiving specialized dental care while being mindful of your concerns. Our dentists will thoroughly describe how dental sedation can assist you in overcoming these issues.

Which Type Of Dental Sedation Is Ideal For Me?

You should be aware that there isn’t just one sort of dental sedation that works for everyone. You can make a decision by finding out which kind of dental sedation your dentist or oral surgeon uses. For example, for patients who are frightened of needles, choosing nitrous gas or IV sedation can be a wise choice.

Some of the other sedation dentistry options include oral sedation in tablet form, where you might not feel or remember anything during the procedure. Additionally, depending on the details of your dental procedure, general anesthesia might be necessary. In this case, an anesthesiologist will need to keep an eye on your heart rate and other vital signs while you are unconscious.

What Are The Side Effects Of Sedation Dentistry?

It’s critical to realize how far dental techniques have advanced in recent years. Dental sedation methods used today are safer and more efficient than they were even ten years ago. But you should still make it a point to talk to our dental professionals at South Airdrie Smiles about all potential side effects when you come in for a consultation.

This allows us to examine your medical history and consider the benefits and drawbacks of each treatment option. You should know that dental sedation necessitates constant monitoring of your vital signs, particularly during general anesthesia. Even though no medical operation is ever completely safe, we will go over all typical side effects associated with each type of dental sedation during the appointment.

Therefore, shed your inhibitions related to undergoing dental procedures. Book your appointment with South Airdrie Smiles if you want to find out about sedation dentistry treatment in Airdrie, AB. Give us a call today!