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pediatric dentist   •   December 21, 2020

Plan Your Toddler’s First Trip To The Dentist!

It’s a fact that parents are usually not conscious about when to bring their child to a dentist. Should you just delay unless all of their teeth have shown, or until there is any serious problem? The experts say ‘NO’. The American Association of Pediatric Dentists suggests that a child’s first visit should be done […]

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TMD   •   October 19, 2020

Management of TMD (Temperomadibular disorders) through dental treatment and physical therapy

Are you someone that experiences pain in your facial muscles when eating or even just at rest? This is a major symptom of TMD which is a musculoskeletal disorder within the masticatory system. When you are experiencing pain around your jaw joint, it is important to come visit your dentist so they can determine the […]

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New and Announcements   •   May 6, 2020

Dental Care in Airdrie

On April 30 Premier Jason Kenney released details of his phased re-launch strategy in Alberta as COVID-19 hospitalizations begin stabilizing.  In his plan, he outlined that dental services, along with several other health services, were free to open on May 4, 2020 (as long as they follow their colleges guidelines). This came as a surprise […]

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Botox Therapy, Cosmetic Dentistry   •   April 30, 2020

Can Dental Botox Prevent Migraines?

Are you someone who suffers from migraines? Are you troubled by headaches almost every other day? Then you might be surprised to hear that your dentist in Airdrie can help you get relief from these migraines. You may have heard about Botox treatments used by celebrities for smoothing out their skin and keeping wrinkles at […]

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Dental Health, Dental Services   •   March 2, 2020

Everything About Tongue Ties You Need To Know

What is Tongue Tie? Tongue tie, in scientific terms, is known as ankyloglossia. It is a condition in which the tongue is tethered to the floor of the mouth near its tip. As a result, people who have tongue tie have difficulties moving their tongue in free motion and consequently suffer from eating disorders, speech […]

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