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How easy is it to feel like you’re napping right through your dental appointment? Easier than you thought, thanks to the safe and effective sedation options available at our family practice. Whether you want to catch up on all your treatment in one visit or just need to ease your mind, our Airdrie sedation dentist can help !

We handle each patient’s situation on a case-by-case basis. It’d be very helpful if you could bring in your insurance information for us to look at.

That all depends on how soon you call!

We’re fairly new to the Airdrie area, but together, our team brings combined decades of dental experience to the community.

Great patients refer more great patients and we’re eager to show our gratitude!

When it comes to fillings, the sooner the better . . . and the cheaper, and faster, and more conservative. Waiting too long can make that needed filling turn into a crown or root canal.

Standard local anesthesia injections are usually enough to dull pain. You might also like to try sedation dentistry in the form of laughing gas, an IV medication, or an oral prescription.

Call us to find out what our options are.

We always find a way to make payment as convenient as possible for our patients!

We can’t give you the customized care you need unless our dentist gathers all the information she needs to make an accurate diagnosis.

You Are Just A Click Away From Us. Let's Help You.

Maintaining your dental health is as easy as a phone call. Contact our South Airdrie Smiles office today and start down the road toward a more beautiful, healthier smile!


What Our Patients Say About Us

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Jennifer Schulz

My experience at South Airdrie smiles was great. I felt that Dr.Sung was very thorough and took the time to explain things well. I greatly appreciate his patience,clarity and knowledge. I also had a cleaning with the hygienist Nicole and she was so conciencious and very gentle. I highly reccomend this clinic!

Kaitlyn Henderson

Update# 2: Amazing as always. This time I had Jind as my hygienist and she was so thorough! She had me hold a mirror as she showed a few things happening in my mouth and gave great explanations. She was so kind and kept checking throughout the cleaning to make sure everything was okay. Update: Once again, an amazing experience at South Airdrie Smiles! I have to say how impressed I am with one of the Office Admins, Stephanie. We have been working together to get some issues sorted out with my insurance and Stephanie has been amazing through the whole process. Fantastic communication, always keeping in touch and giving updates and very understanding when it comes to working around my schedule. She is a pleasure to deal with and always has a smile on her face 😊

First review: Had such a great experience today at South Airdrie Smiles! Everyone was so friendly and helpful. My dentist did an amazing job with my fillings, explaining things to me as she worked and even applying chapstick to keep my lips from hurting. Didn't feel any pain at all, even with the big needles for freezing. Would highly recommend!

Shannon Ouellette

Terrified of dentist - it went extremely well. Jind was fabulous!

aj rudolph

Awesome very gentle extremely polite and accommodating with my mask exemption. Thx

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