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1. My husband and I both have insurance and don't want to pay out of pocket. You would direct bill to the both of us, right?

We handle each patient’s situation on a case-by-case basis. It’d be very helpful if you could bring in your insurance information for us to look at.

2. How soon could I get in?

That all depends on how soon you call!

3. How long has your clinic been here?

We’re fairly new to the Airdrie area, but together, our team brings combined decades of dental experience to the community.

4. Are there any incentives for referrals?

Great patients refer more great patients and we’re eager to show our gratitude!

5. Do I have to get the filling done right away?

When it comes to fillings, the sooner the better . . . and the cheaper, and faster, and more conservative. Waiting too long can make that needed filling turn into a crown or root canal.

6. What kind of medication can I get so that I don't feel anything during treatment?

Standard local anesthesia injections are usually enough to dull pain. You might also like to try sedation dentistry in the form of laughing gas, an IV medication, or an oral prescription.

7. Do you have payment plans?

Call us to find out what our options are.

8. What if I do not qualify for your payment plans?

We always find a way to make payment as convenient as possible for our patients!

9. Why is the new patient appointment so long?

We can’t give you the customized care you need unless our dentist gathers all the information she needs to make an accurate diagnosis.


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