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dental crowns Airdrie

How Beneficial Is Dental Crown For Your Oral Health?

If your teeth have been severely damaged, dental crowns are the safest alternative. The crowns will safeguard your original teeth while also providing significant support for the underlying bone structure. This will prevent teeth from shifting and provide a firm foundation for the teeth around them. Our dentists at South Airdrie Smiles have created a list of benefits that may help you make more informed decisions about dental crowns.

What Is A Dental Crown?

A crown is a tooth-shaped “cover” that is placed on top of a tooth to repair its size, shape, strength, and appearance. These crowns totally cover the visible part of a tooth once they are secured in place. These crowns will be made for you by your Airdrie dentist using dental-grade materials. Consult your dentist in Airdrie about dental crowns immediately!

Benefits Of Dental Crown For Your Oral Health

Let’s move on to the following segment now that we’ve covered the basics of dental crowns. For your better understanding, your favorite dentist in Airdrie has produced a list of advantages.

Improved Strength

In addition to root canal treatments, your dentist in Airdrie may offer dental crown procedures. To enable the damaged tooth to recover its health, a dental crown may be utilized. This protects the teeth while also improving their performance.

Protects Your Teeth

If your teeth are severely damaged, dental crowns may be used. It promotes the preservation of fractured teeth until they can be repaired. Even if you bite with a lot of force, crowns are quite strong and will not easily break. Crowns can help you recover your chewing abilities while also protecting you from further discomfort.

Provides Extra Support

Dental fillings are the ideal option when there is a little cavity or the affected area is tiny. As the filling gets bigger, it causes harm to your tooth structure. This is due to the fact that the material used in dental fillings isn’t strong enough and will eventually degrade. If there has been a lot of destruction, dental crowns are the best alternative. It will improve your appearance while also reducing your risk of further injury.

Improves Your Looks

Damaged teeth can make you feel insecure since they change the look of your smile. Are you looking to enhance your physical appearance? Dental crowns are a fantastic option. It has the ability to hide any visual defects in your appearance. It can also be customized to match your individual dental needs while brightening your smile.

Further Protection From Enamel Erosion

Harmful bacteria have the ability to destroy our teeth’ enamel. The pace of enamel erosion accelerates as a result of the acids produced by these bacteria. Periodontal disease and other dental health issues are caused by enamel erosion. This could lead to necrosis. To begin the remineralization procedure, your Airdrie dentist may recommend dental crowns.

We hope this blog has helped you to understand everything about the benefits of dental crowns. Book an appointment with us at South Airdrie Smiles if you are looking for the best dental crowns. Visit us at 130 Sierra Springs Dr SE Unit 3001, Airdrie, AB.