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Orthodontic treatment for Perfect Smile

Does Kate or William Have the Better Smile? More importantly…Why?

Unless, as the saying goes, you live under a rock, most people are (at least a little) familiar with the names Prince William and his lovely wife Kate Middleton, the Duchess of. So, when the question is posed, who has a better smile…this is the Kate and William who’s being referenced. Maybe you’ll recognize them by their picture.

And while you’re looking at the photo, have you ever noticed the difference between their smiles? Go ahead…take another look. The variance is undeniable.

When Kate had orthodontics, her dentist used a technique called, micro-rotations, and all of her teeth, to end up with her broad, natural, gorgeous smile.

Older method of orthodontics involved removing wisdom teeth
Older method of orthodontics involved removing wisdom teeth

Prince William, on the other hand sported the more traditional kind of braces in his teen years, which generally required teeth to be removed to make room to move the teeth into place. Unfortunately, he ended up with a narrower more constricted smile. His narrow smile is most noticeable compared to that of his wife’s.

Unless absolutely necessary, it’s not recommended to have teeth removed from your child’s mouth for the sole purpose of making space to move teeth into place. It’s been found to create a narrow smile rather than a broad, full smile using all the child’s teeth.

Instead, by enlarging the jaw bones, the gorgeous smile Kate flashes is a better way to go. There are many ways to do this including several dental appliances. There’s also a new method called MyoBrace, and it’s showing AMAZING results.

During a full orthodontic examination and discussion with your dentist, you’ll learn what option will work for you or your child. Be sure to stay on top of what might be available ,so you can make the best decision possible for you and your family’s dental health!

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