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kids dental checkup in Airdrie

How Often Should I Schedule Dental Appointments For My Child?

It’s a beautiful thing to see your kid grow, and we understand that you want to do everything you can to keep him or her healthy and strong. Even before kids receive their first baby tooth, they should be taking care of their dental health. Early oral hygiene routines, like brushing their teeth and tongue, can help prevent tooth decay (cavities). However, how frequently should your youngster visit the dentist? Find out when your first dentist appointment should be, as well as any other oral issues that may necessitate a visit.

Daily Dental Care For Your Kid

At least once every six months, children should visit the dentist. This permits the pediatric dentist to provide routine dental care, such as a dental exam, cleaning, fluoride treatment, and x-rays.

If your child’s checkup goes well and there are no problems, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go back to the dentist in a year. If your child misses an appointment, he or she may go a full year without receiving a proper checkup, allowing key oral hygiene issues such as tooth decay, hidden cavities, and inflammation to go untreated.

Regular 6-month visits help your dentist detect if your child’s brushing practices are effective, if they are brushing too hard or too softly, and if cavities that are difficult to diagnose are present. Regular checkups are no indication that you should take your child to the dentist less often; rather, they are proof that your visits are useful and that the regular cleaning and fluoride treatment are keeping your child’s teeth healthy and free of problems.

Are Dental X-rays A Must During Dental Checkup?

Dental X-rays have a history of successful use as a valuable tool for diagnosing difficult-to-see cavities, impacted teeth, and other abnormalities in children’s teeth that may go unnoticed during a visual examination. For parents concerned about radiation, know that pediatric dentists utilize lead aprons as a protective measure, as well as high-speed digital X-rays that expose patients to far less radiation than older X-ray machines. Furthermore, the amount of radiation emitted by dental X-rays is relatively low, and its contribution to overall radiation exposure is negligible when compared to other natural and man-made sources.

How To Know If Your Kid Has Recurring Oral Hygiene Problems?

While six-monthly exams are suggested for preserving your child’s oral health, children who have reoccurring dental hygiene issues, such as cavities, inflammation, or tooth decay, should see a pediatric dentist every three months. Recurring issues can be problematic for youngsters who are just beginning to build their dental habits, and this is an important period to maintain adequate cleaning and a healthy oral environment for the adult teeth that will eventually emerge. Because baby teeth prepare the way for the future emergence of adult teeth, it is critical that these teeth be properly maintained.

To avoid reoccurring dental problems in your child, keep a watch on their nutrition, brushing habits, and any pain or inflammation in their mouth. Avoid sugary foods, especially before bedtime, and clean your teeth at least twice a day using fluoride toothpaste. Also, make sure they’re seeing an expert pediatric dentist who can keep their teeth clean and answer any questions parents might have about oral hygiene and good daily routines.

We hope that you have now found a proper answer to your query. If you’re seeking the best pediatric dentistry services in Airdrie, AB, make an appointment with South Airdrie Smiles. Call us to schedule a visit with our dentists to learn more.