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Dental Treatment And Physical Therapy In Airdrie - South Airdrie Smiles

Management of TMD (Temperomadibular disorders) through dental treatment and physical therapy

Are you someone that experiences pain in your facial muscles when eating or even just at rest? This is a major symptom of TMD which is a musculoskeletal disorder within the masticatory system.

When you are experiencing pain around your jaw joint, it is important to come visit your dentist so they can determine the reason for your pain. We want to rule out teeth-related issues that could be causing this pain such as dental infection or fractured teeth.

TMD pain is described as a dull ache, throbbing pain, or pressure.  After a proper assessment from your dentist, treatment options will be provided to you in order to get you out of pain. Your dentist may also recommend adjunct treatment from a physiotherapist who will work with the muscles attached to your TMJ (Temperomandibular joint)

Some factors contributing to TMD are: nighttime parafunctional habits, gum chewing, daytime clenching, holding tension in the masticatory muscles, neck pain, excessive caffeine consumption, stress, tension, aggravations, frustrations, depression, poor sleep, poor posture, and widespread pain. The greatest change and improvement  to TMD symptoms occurs by changing the contributing factors.

Your dentist may advise you to wear an occlusal splint (nightguard) which is to be worn at night time in order to separate your teeth at rest and allow your muscles to relax.

After an assessment of your TMD, your dentist may believe that adjunct treatment from a physiotherapist may be beneficial for you. Physiotherapists will use ART (Active release therapy), laser therapy, and/or manipulation when necessary. To learn more about treatment options that could work for you, visit your physiotherapist or contact Encompass Sports Therapy for a consultation at