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reasons for crooked teeth in kids

7 Reasons For Crooked Teeth In Kids

Suffering from problems related to crooked or misaligned teeth is very common. They affect a large number of children and adults. You should not feel obligated to straighten your teeth if they are crooked.  Teeth that aren’t precisely aligned are unique to you, and they can give your smile personality, and charm.  You can, however, have your teeth corrected if you’re unhappy with the way they look or if they’re causing you health or speech problems. Continue reading to learn why teeth grow crooked.

What Are The Probable Causes Of Crooked Teeth?

Both baby teeth and permanent teeth can be crooked when they first emerge or become crooked later in life. As baby teeth are too little to occupy the gum space allotted to them, they may shift into crooked positions. You also need to know those baby teeth can sometimes become pushed out or misaligned as a result of long-term activities like sucking on a pacifier or thumb. Genetics and heredity could also play a role.

Your child’s crooked baby teeth do not necessarily predict crooked permanent teeth. However, if baby teeth erupt in a crowded position, permanent teeth may follow suit. If a mouth injury or dental decay causes one or more baby teeth to fall out earlier than they should, the permanent teeth that follow may emerge tilted rather than straight from the gums. Other problems that influence baby teeth and potentially affect permanent teeth include:

Myofunctional blunders

Repetitive actions that impact the muscles or functions of the mouth or face are known as myofunctional habits. They include the following – use of bottle or pacifier, sucking of the thumb, breathing via the mouth, tongue thrusting, etc. 

Size of the jaw

Many people’s modern diets consist of soft, manufactured meals that need less chewing than the foods consumed by our forefathers. Our aggregate jaw size has shrunk as a result of this alteration. Scientists believe that crowded, crooked, and misaligned teeth are caused by our shortened jaw, which has evolved over time.

Misalignment in the jaw

The points of your upper molars should fit into the grooves of your lower molars, allowing your top teeth to fit slightly over your lower teeth. Malocclusion occurs when this alignment does not occur.

Overbite and underbite are two common misalignments. Your top front teeth protrude out further than your lower front teeth if you have an overbite. Your lower front teeth protrude further than your higher front teeth if you have an underbite. A malocclusion might emerge as a result of poor myofunctional behaviors.

Heredity & genetics

It’s possible that you’ll have crowded or crooked teeth if one or both of your parents did. So, it can be easily said that your parents may have given you an overbite or underbite.

Improper dental care

If you don’t have your teeth checked by a dentist at least once a year, concerns like gum disease and cavities may go unnoticed. This could lead to crooked teeth and other dental problems. Therefore, it is essential to adopt a few measures for healthy teeth.

Poor diet

Poor nutrition, especially among children, can lead to tooth decay and delayed dental development, both of which can result in crooked teeth.

Facial Injury

Teeth can be knocked out of place by a blow to the face or mouth, resulting in one or more crooked teeth.


We hope that you have now understood the common reasons that can lead to crooked teeth. If you face any such problems, do not hesitate to get in touch with the best dentists in Airdrie, AB. Our professionals are both adept and experienced at dealing with any sort of dental issue with ease. All you gotta do is just give us a call to schedule your appointment.