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4 Tips to Tuck Your Children’s Teeth into Bed at Night…

This also works for your teeth too!

Good oral hygiene is beneficial for the young and the young at heart. Along with that, you know you’re supposed to brush your teeth morning, noon and night. But that night one is tough. You kid is tired. You’re tired. Everyone is in a hurry to plop into bed. But hold on…here’s your out.

If you’re going to miss one brushing…make it the one in the middle of the day. The night brushing is an absolute must.

It’s not only helpful to have your teeth clean one more time when you go to bed, but also beneficial in the long run to keeping your mouth in good shape. As with other things that need to stay on track, having a schedule is generally a good way to accomplish the goal.

 Here are 4 tips to assist you with keeping a hygiene schedule for your child, and you too, if you need it.

  • Brushing/flossing/rinsing the last thing before bed. It’s crucial you do this before you go bed. You and your kids need to get off any last-minute bacteria or food particles which can advance the decaying process if left to sit on your or your child’s teeth overnight.
  • Keep an eye on that toothbrush. When the bristles begin to show white instead of their current color, it’s time to replace that toothbrush! If the bristles are already white, but are frayed, same rules apply. Mark your calendar every 3 months to check everyone’s toothbrush.
  • PhosFlur is recommended for rinsing. It’s got a little extra fluoride in it and is great for kids or anyone with braces. You can typically find it at your local big box retailer.
  • If you or your child gets up for a midnight snack, give them cheese. This will increase the pH in the mouth and prevent erosion. Studies show that cheese may actually have an anticavity effect!

This now should become part of what you do every night before you tuck the kids into bed and go to sleep yourself. Do this with your children to set a good example. Just tell them everyone has to tuck their teeth away for the night. And sleep well.

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