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Broken-Teeth Smile Reveal

Before & After case study

Case study involves Same-day Broken-Teeth Fixing Treatment

Smile Reveal #7

Before & After with
quick same-day treatment to fix the broken tooth

broken teeth fix


same day broken teeth fix


Take a look at our 14-year-old little patient who came in with a broken tooth.Our dentist has performed a quick same-day treatment to restore his tooth and the result as you can see looks amazing. He can’t seem to get enough of his dazzling smile!

Smile Reveal #8

Before & After with
same-day treatment



Our 19-year-old patient visited us after getting hit by a puck on his face during hockey practice.Our experienced dentist offered same-day treatment and 2 weeks follow-up to check on sensitivity. First time experience at South Airdrie Smiles and he totally loves it!