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Root Canals and Airdrie Endodontics

An endodontic treatment, typically referred to as a “root canal,” is a procedure that removes infected nerve tissues inside of your tooth and then fills the nerve chamber to prevent reinfection. At South Airdrie Smiles, we offer root canal treatments right here in our family practice!

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

Sometimes a cavity, crack, or infection extends far inside of a tooth. To simply patch it over with a filling or crown would seal the bacteria inside of your tooth, leading to even more problems. While a crown or filling can be adequate for mild to moderate sized cavities, deeper infections need a bit more attention.

You may need a root canal if you have:

  • A tooth abscess (usually seen as a pimple along the gums)
  • Severe pain or sensitivity
  • Inability to chew on a tooth
  • Pain when exposed to hot foods
  • Large cavities extending into the pulp
  • A visible infection on your X-ray
  • Microscopic cracks through the root of the tooth
  • Discoloration of the tooth, indicating a dying nerve

Can’t You Just Pull My Tooth?

It’s a fairly common question to ask whether or not it’s just easier to pull your tooth than to treat it with a root canal. Our South Airdrie dentist wants to help you preserve your natural tooth if at all possible. Although there are wonderful tooth replacements available, your real tooth is almost always a better choice. Having a tooth pulled can jeopardize the health of your smile, as other teeth start to drift out of place due to excessive spacing.

Root Canals Don’t Have to Hurt!

Getting a root canal is almost as easy as having a filling or crown made. Our Airdrie Dentist will numb the tooth thoroughly and even offer sedation to help you relax. Book now for more information!

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