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Ceramic Brackets | Cosmetic Dentistry in Airdrie

Are There Ceramic Options for You? Your South Airdrie Smiles Dentist Weighs In

Since we last blogged about metal brackets as an orthodontic option for you or your child, let’s cover ceramic brackets to ensure you can make an informed decision when the time comes.

There are pros and cons to ceramic brackets.

Pro: Ceramic brackets are far more discrete as they are tooth colored and therefore less noticeable.

Pro: They typically align the teeth much faster than metal options (maybe as little as 6 months)! If ceramic brackets are the way we all decide that your child should go, this will mean fewer office visits.

Con: Ceramic brackets aren’t the MOST expensive option, but they also aren’t the cheapest either.

Con: They also have a tendency to stain easily as well. (Of course, regular, thorough brushing can easily eliminate the staining concern.)

If you’d like more information on Ceramic brackets or have additional questions, give your South Airdrie Smiles Dental Clinic a call at 587-805-3094 (New Patients) or 587-819-5206 (Existing Patients)