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Find Out The Different Ways In Which Botox Is Used In Dentistry

Botox has mostly been used as a cosmetic treatment for lines and wrinkles on the face. However, the botulinum toxin from which botox is derived has a long history of therapeutic applications in medicine.

The use of botox in dentistry is increasing daily to treat dental conditions like Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, high lip lines, bruxism, loose dentures caused by shifting jaw muscles, and more primarily due to its minimally invasive nature. Going through this blog will help you gain clarity about the various use of botox in dentistry. 

What Are The Common Four Uses Of Botox In Cosmetic Dentistry?

Botox can be used for cosmetic dentistry purposes and to treat periodontal problems such as TMJ disorder. Four common uses of botox in cosmetic dentistry include:

  • Fixing aging lines and wrinkles on the face.
  • Addressing the issue of a down-turned smile.
  • Fixing a gummy smile.
  • Improving a smile.

Fixing aging lines and wrinkles on the face

Face aging lines often occur around the upper and lower lips. This can occur from natural aging and be accelerated by excessive UV light exposure, genetics, smoking, and other factors. When this happens, botox injections can diminish or eliminate these aging lines around the lips, improving the patient’s smile. 

Addressing the problem of having a down-turned smile

A muscle called the depressor angulu oris can be found in the lower part of the face. Overuse of this muscle can result in a downturned smile, making a person look as if they are frowning even when they are not. Dentists use botox injections to weaken this muscle which can ultimately improve a down-turned smile. 

It is essential to realize that the requirements of every patient are different. Hence, you should first consult a dentist to know if botox treatment is proper for you.

Fixing a gummy smile

A gummy smile occurs when the gums show more than the patient desires. Gingivectomy and crown lengthening are some of the traditional ways of treating this problem. However, botox offers a much less invasive and more innovative way of fixing a gummy smile. The process involves injecting botox into the muscles that control lip movement. Botox relaxes the upper lip and, as a result, exposes less portion of the gums while smiling. 

Improving a smile

Any individual unhappy with their smile due to imperfections involving their lips can choose botox treatment to resolve the issue. You need to know that every patient has specific needs, and botox treatment can be a wise choice anytime the lips impede the beauty of a smile. 

Who Can Benefit From Botox In The Field Of Dentistry?

People suffering from the conditions mentioned below can benefit from botox in dentistry.

  • Patients with missing teeth – Botox treatment can benefit patients whose lip position has been repositioned due to decreased vertical dimension. Going for denture treatment is not ideal as they do not fit all the time. Botox will retrain and relax the muscles around the dentures to make the transition easier and more successful. 
  • High lip line or “gummy smile” – Patients with a high lip line can undergo botox treatment to relax the lip muscles to achieve a lower and more aesthetic smile line. This is a very popular choice as the process is minimally invasive and yields positive results. 
  • TMJ disorder – Temporomandibular joint disorder can be the reason for immense pain from hyperactivity of the muscles. The treatment options for this issue were limited in the past. Nowadays, dental professionals use botox to relax these muscles and provide efficient pain relief. 
  • Bruxism – Bruxism can be minimized with the help of botox treatment by reducing the muscular contractions involved. These injections work as an excellent adjunct therapy to nightguard appliances. 

At South Airdrie Smiles, we always make sure to adapt to the changing times and adopt new innovations in the field of dentistry. Book your appointment with us today if you are looking for the best botox treatment in dentistry.