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broken teeth

What To Do If Your Tooth Is Knocked Out?

Well, a knocked-out tooth is pretty common, particularly among kids. But, you can even face this kind of condition, all though you are an adult.  

If you get any injuries during sports activities or any other situation, the main area of damage is usually the face. Sports-associated dental accidents can commonly range from little chips to the whole loss of a tooth.

Tips To Follow When A Tooth Is Knocked Out

  • In the first case, hold your tooth by the crown firmly but do not touch the root. Then wipe out the extra dirt from your tooth with cold water.  Note: Don’t ever try to scrub the tooth. 

Then, you can position your tooth very carefully into the socket or you can also keep it between your cheek and gums. It is very necessary since you have to head towards Dental Emergency for aid. But never allow your toddler do this if by any chance they swallow it. It’s recommended to see your Emergency Dentist within 30 minutes! 

  • In case, if the tooth is chipped, gather all the broken pieces and take them to the nearest dentist. The dentist will fill the tooth and smooth it down. But in case the whole tooth is knocked out, then you gotta act very fast and carefully. This may raise the possibility of saving the tooth. 

Note: Remember, don’t let your tooth dry at all; keep it moist with your saliva. This keeps your tooth alive.

  • If you aren’t capable of putting your tooth inside your mouth, then the next best thing is to keep it in cold, whole milk. In numerous cases, dentists use this method in their dental offices. The main purpose of this alternative is to preserve the tooth that has been knocked out.
  • If your toddler has lost a tooth, firstly, all you gotta do is check whether it’s a baby tooth or an adult tooth. This is because the baby tooth cannot be re-installed!


What To Expect From Your Dentist?

If you have carefully placed the tooth back in the socket, the dentist will examine if it’s sitting in the exact position. And if you carry the tooth soaked in milk or saliva, the dentist will put the tooth back in the socket. He/she will then affix your tooth, termed splinting. You may have to see your dentist within some weeks to take off the splint. 

If by any chance, you cannot find the tooth or the dentist is unable to save it, there is nothing to panic about! Today, there are various tooth replacement procedures available. Once your dentist recommends you the best option, you are good to go! 


Get the Immediate Care you need!

A tooth being knocked out is certainly a Dental Emergency and cannot wait for long! If you’re looking for the best Emergency Dental Care in Airdrie, AB, then visit us at South Airdrie Smiles.  Our Emergency Dentist will provide you the instant care and comfort you require. We’re just a call away!7