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Dental Emergencies While You’re Away – What to do…

You decided to take a vacation and get away. You took all the precautions mentioned in the last blog. And yet, you still need more information to help you should you have dental emergencies while you’re away – What to do…

If you did arrange for additional insurance that covers you while you travel insurance; your first step should be to call your provider. Tell them the situation and ask for a referral to a nearby dentist who will accept your coverage.

Countries in Europe have similar dental standards and capabilities as the U.S. and Canada; so you should have no problem finding a dentist who should be able treat you.

If you’re out of your own country, you can call your country’s Embassy or Consulate for assistance. Or you can go online and research the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers for recommendations on the closest dentist who can treat your emergency.

Most hotels, regardless of where you are, have a hotel concierge and they may lend some assistance, as well.

Preparation is often the best form of prevention when it comes to emergencies for you or your family. While you hope you never need to use it, as the saying goes…it is better to be safe than sorry.

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