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Find An Answer To Common Questions On Root Canal

Bacteria can sometimes get inside the tooth’s pulp and infect it. In these situations, going for root canal therapy can help save the tooth and avoid serious dental problems. The infected pulp is removed during this surgery; the tooth is then sealed to prevent any infection.

Though a root canal is a very commonly practiced dental procedure, most people do not clearly understand it. They consider this treatment to be excruciating and discomforting. Advancements in the field of dentistry have made almost all treatment procedures seamless and less discomforting and painful. Root canal therapy is no exception. 

This blog will provide answers to common questions about root canals. So, why wait anymore? Go through the sections below to end any misconceptions related to this topic. 

What Is A Root Canal?

Root canal treatment can be defined as a dental procedure that can help relieve the pain caused by an abscessed or infected tooth. The process involves removing the infected pulp. A filling is applied next to seal the space after disinfecting and cleaning the internal surfaces of the tooth.

What Are The Signs That You Need A Root Canal?

Noticing the signs of going for a root canal treatment is very important. The best dentists in Airdrie have come up with the common symptoms of root canals in the pointers below:

  • Persistent tooth pain – Tooth pain can be caused due to numerous dental problems. You might need root canal therapy if you experience constant pain deep inside your tooth. Your jaw, face, or adjacent teeth can experience discomfort as well.
  • Sensitivity to cold or heat – You may require root canal therapy if your tooth hurts when you eat ice cream or drink hot coffee. This is especially true if the pain lasts for a long time.
  • Inflammation in the gums – Pus can build up around an infected tooth when it is infected. As a result, the gums may become swollen, puffy, or sensitive.
  • Tooth discoloration – Your tooth may appear darker if the tooth’s pulp gets infected. This is basically caused due to the poor supply of blood to the tooth.
  • A cracked or chipped tooth – Bacteria can get all the way into the tooth pulp if you’ve cracked or chipped a tooth in an accident or while playing sports, or even just by biting down on something hard.
  • Loose teeth – An infected tooth may feel looser than usual. This is because the bone supporting the tooth can become softer due to the pus from the infected pulp.

When Do You Need A Root Canal Treatment?

The infected pulp inside your tooth caused due to oral bacteria necessitates root canal treatment. This typically occurs when a cavity is neglected over an extended period. Additionally, it can also happen if you have a damaged or cracked tooth.

How Should You Prepare For A Root Canal Treatment?

Adopting a few measures can help the process of root canals become hassle-free. We have provided the tips to prepare for a root canal treatment in the pointers below:

  • Take the medications prescribed for you – Your dentist can prescribe antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medication a few days before the procedure if you suffer from severe infection.
  • You should not smoke – Tobacco products hamper your body’s healing process. Therefore, try to avoid smoking (if you are a smoker) a few days before undergoing the root canal treatment. 
  • Intake of a healthy meal is essential – It’s a good idea to eat before your leave for the dental office because the local anesthetic used during root canal therapy will cause your mouth to be numb for a few hours.

What Should You Expect After Root Canal?

You may notice mild sensitivity in your teeth a few days after undergoing root canal treatment. But you must know that suffering from immense pain is not common. Any such problems can be resolved with the help of over-the-counter pain relievers. Do not hesitate to get in touch with your dentist immediately. 

We hope you have now gained a clear understanding of root canals. Book an appointment with us if you are looking for the best root canal treatment in Airdrie, AB. We offer customized treatment plans at an affordable price range.