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Free Dental Day was such a success!

South Airdrie Smiles Holds Successful Free Dental Day

On June 11th, South Airdrie Smiles hosted a very successful Free Dental Day. It was a real privilege for our dental team to meet local residents and to be able to help so many people in our community. We provided a range of essential dental treatments including cleanings, dental exams and tooth removals, helping families who most needed our care. Before the day, we invited patients who didn’t qualify for social assistance and were unable to afford essential dental care to apply for treatment.

We strongly believe in the power of preventative dentistry, so it was a good opportunity to talk to people about their daily oral care routine and to help them improve it. Our regular patients will already know we are very keen on this approach!

Even Small Changes to Dental Care Can Have a Positive Effect

One way we can often help is by advising people on the best way to brush and floss. It might seem obvious, but often those techniques you learned as a child could benefit from being refreshed. When you know how to brush properly, you can get your teeth thoroughly clean in just a couple of minutes. Flossing is another problem for many people, so if you only floss when you have something trapped in between your teeth, let us show you the right technique which we promise will be much easier. If you can’t stand flossing then we have other solutions to suggest and which can often be more appealing for people with dexterity problems. Just ask us for help and we will be delighted to assist you.

For great preventative dental care in Airdrie, contact our dental office on (587)600-0726 or you can book online. Don’t forget, we offer late appointments and are open Saturdays.