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Kids Friendly Dentist

Get Ready – Get Set – Ask! How to Get Your Child Ready for Their Dental Visit

Some parents say when they make an appointment for their child at the dentist, they don’t tell their children until maybe the day before…if not later! Perhaps you do this too. Maybe it’s because you don’t want your child to be anxious about the visit or spend sleepless nights over the upcoming visit. Or maybe you don’t want to answer the bazillion questions your child will have. Instead, may we suggest these tips for how to get your child ready for their dental visit.

First, if you’ve been bringing your child to the dentist since they were babies, the anxiety and sleepless night prior to a visit should no longer be a problem. Your child already knows they’ll be safe. It won’t hurt. And, they’ll have fun seeing the dentist.

Now the bazillion questions…that’s another thing. Since they are now getting older and have thoughts and ideas of their own, it’s time to give them a chance to be heard.

Here’s 3 tips to help you get ready for your child’s next dental visit:

  1. Write down any questions you may have – Yes. You. Once the appointment is made, as things pop up in your mind…have a piece of paper handy and write them down. Everyone gets busy or forgets. But having them handy will help when the time comes.
  1. Ask your child what questions they have – Once you tell your child an appointment is scheduled, ask your child if they have any questions. If they can, they should write their own list, but if not yet…you can add their questions to your list.
  1. Encourage them to ask their own questions while at the dentist – Having them engage in a conversation with the dentist will lay a great foundation for years of happy visits to come.

It’s a great time to spend with your child getting ready.

Write your questions down and get set.

Then come to the appointment and ask away!

Note: If the question of using needles or freezing happens to come up…you can honestly play dumb. The fact is, you won’t know if the dentist is going to need those during their visit. By bringing it up or saying, “Don’t worry, they won’t use a needle today.” just increases the anxiety level. Better to circumvent this one.

During the visit and exam, it’s quite possible your dentist will answer some of your questions along the way. But, by having your list, you can be sure to have all your questions answered before you leave.

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