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Is Invisalign Teen an Option for Your Child?

If you happen to have a child who needs braces sooner rather than later, metal brackets aren’t your only option. There’s one more to consider and this might just be what you and your dentist agree is the best solution for your child. Invisalign Teen works the same way as regular Invisalign does, except it’s specifically made with teens in mind.

Ah, teenagers. You gotta love them. But, sometimes you wonder how they make it out of the house with socks on. They forget their homework, forget to feed the dog…and sometimes yes, forget to put their traditional Invisalign trays in.

That’s the beauty of Invisalign Teen!

Each set of Invisalign Teen aligner trays comes with a built-in sensor to let you AND your dentist know your child is using them correctly.

There’s been a lot of thought that went into the design of the Invisalign Teen. The best part is you won’t have to worry about your child forgetting to wear their Invisalign trays for the prescribed amount of time each day.

So, if your teen needs braces and you want to be certain they are wearing them; Invisalign Teen might just be your answer.

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