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recovery after wisdom tooth extraction

Dentist’s Guide To Quick Recovery From Your Wisdom Tooth Removal

Both adults and children are equally scared of wisdom tooth extractions. However, increasing technological advancements have made it easier to go for the less invasive procedures while removing your wisdom teeth. Still, worried about pain after your wisdom teeth extractions? Our dentists at South Airdrie Smiles addressed all your doubts related to wisdom teeth removal in this blog. Keep reading to clear all your doubts!

How Long Does It Pain After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Wisdom tooth extraction pain is a myth. You will feel no pain throughout your extraction procedure as your Airdrie dentist will use anesthesia to make it easier for you. Most patients feel minimal pain after the surgery. You might suffer from little swelling or discomfort for the next three days. Some patients need seven days to fully recover and heal from the procedure. What are you waiting for? Get your wisdom teeth removed today! However, it is essential to consult your dentist in Airdrie to speed up wisdom tooth extraction healing. If the pain does not subside then you must visit the dental office immediately.

Tips To Minimize Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction Pain

We hope the previous section has helped you understand what to expect from your wisdom tooth removal procedure. Your favorite Airdrie dentist has listed a few tips and tricks to control the pain after your extraction procedure. This will help you to recover properly and also speed up the healing process. 

Elevate Your Head

Keep your head elevated on a propped-up pillow. This will provide you with adequate relief and also speed up your wisdom tooth extraction healing process.


You must consult your dentist in Airdrie if you want to keep the pain under control. Discuss with your dentist and go for prescribed painkillers. This could provide you relief from the constant discomfort. Additionally, finishing an entire course could also protect you from oral infections after your extraction process.

Ice Packs

For the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours after the procedure, it is best to use ice packs on the site of extraction. This will soothe any swelling and provide temporary relief. But remember to switch to heat forty-eight hours after your wisdom tooth extraction if you want instant pain relief.

Avoid Brushing

You must not brush, spit or use your mouthwash twenty-four hours after the extraction.  You can brush after the specified time period. However, you must be very gentle. Rinse with lukewarm salt water after meals for the next week. This will speed up your wisdom teeth healing process.

Maintain A Soft Diet

Stick to a liquid diet for the next twenty-four hours after the surgery. It is best to opt for soups and yogurts during this time. After a day, consult your Airdrie dentist and slowly shift to semi-soft food items. Do not eat hard, crunchy, or spicy food items during this time. It could trigger your wisdom tooth extraction pain.

Stay Away From Tobacco & Alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol could increase your recovery period. It could lead to a dry mouth and cause serious complications, thereby delaying the healing process.

Avoid Using Straws

Refrain from using straws for the next couple of days. The sucking motion could dislodge the blood clot, leading to dry sockets. Dry sockets are extremely uncomfortable and could cause further complications and hinder your smooth flow of recovery. If you are suffering from dry sockets then you must consult your dentist in Airdrie without any further delay.


We hope this blog has provided you with all the relevant information. Get in touch with us at South Airdrie Smiles if you are looking for the best wisdom tooth removal service in Airdrie, AB.