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Emergency Dental Treatment for Kids

What 4 Important Steps Should You Take if Your Child Accidentally Loses a Tooth

With the summer winding down and kids back in school, you might think the chances of your child accidentally losing a tooth is now less. Unfortunately, you would be wrong.

You still need to be prepared just in case anything happens. Even with the outdoor activities behind us, we now face school sports, gym class, recess and a number of other extra-curricular activities. Any one of these can mean an accidental pop in the mouth resulting in possible tooth loss.

This is an extremely upsetting event when something like this happens. However, if you know these ahead of time, it should help you deal with the situation much better. As author, Samuel Shellabarger, was quoted as saying, “Forewarned is forearmed.”

If an accident knocks out a tooth entirely, follow these 4 vital steps:

  1. Hold the tooth by the white part known as the crown
  2. Next, if the root of the tooth is dirty, quickly rinse it
  3. Do NOT touch it with any tissue and don’t place it in a cloth. The fibers from the cloth can get inside the tooth and contaminate it.
  4. Next, if possible, while getting to the dentist, hold the tooth in the socket. If that’s not possible, then the next best thing is to transport the tooth in a cup of MILK. DO NOT PUT THE TOOTH IN WATER.

Responding quickly is key, as the likelihood of saving the tooth decreases after about 30 minutes.

One other thing to keep in mind is if this is a baby tooth, there’s no need to be concerned about bringing it in clean. The dentist will not put it back in but will want to check the area and examine everything else.

While no one ever wants this to happen to their child, it’s best to be prepared and know what to do should the emergency present itself.

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