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Child Braces

What You Need To Know About Caring for Your Child’s Braces

The time has finally arrived, and you’ve just found out your kid is going to have to have braces. Brackets have been recommended to get the job done. So now what? What do you, as the parent, need to know about caring for your child’s braces?

Because it’s so easy for food to get stuck in wired braces, kids who wear them need to work extra hard to keep their teeth clean.

Well, here are 4 golden rules and a few tips to help you along.

Rule #1 – Brush after meals is essential. And so is daily flossing. Your dentist can give your child a special flosser especially used for around braces

Rule #2 – Regular dental check-ups and cleanings to look for cavities are also a must.

Rule #3 – Your child should avoid certain foods that may cause damage to the braces. These include foods and treats such as popcorn, hard and sticky candy, and gum.

Rule #4 – Sugary sodas and juices should be avoided as well. Due to the high sugar content of certain drinks, they can contribute to tooth decay. If your child does have some to drink, again brushing the teeth is paramount in keeping the teeth healthy under the braces.

Have pain relievers on hand.

Because braces put pressure on the teeth, they can feel uncomfortable once in a while. This happens especially after the braces are adjusted. Taking over-the-counter pain relievers and eating soft foods can help if this happens.

Keep orthodontic wax nearby.

This is used if a sharp spot on the braces or wire emerges. The wax will keep it from rubbing the inside of the mouth or gums until you can get back to the dentist and have it fixed.

Call your dentist if your child has a loose wire or bracket or has a wire that is poking their mouth. It’s good the get these fixed as soon as possible so the braces can continue to do their job and without any discomfort. The orthodontic wax will keep your child comfortable until they can be seen by the dentist.

If your child is using Invisalign or some other clear plastic aligners, your child should always remove them when it’s time to eat. And then, of course, brush and floss before putting the trays back on the teeth.

Using these few Rules and Tips, you and your child should do just fine while they’re having their teeth straightened with braces.

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