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Medieval Age Dental Treatment

Where Do Braces Even Come From?

Ever wonder where do braces even come from? You’re probably not alone.

So, as a fun fact and something inquiring minds want to know…

Here’s your answer…

Turns out, it was actually the ancient Romans who first attempted to straighten their teeth.

Aulus Cornelius Celsus documented his attempts to straighten teeth with the force of his own hand by applying pressure at certain regular points.

Celsus had reported success in his experiments, but it’s a little difficult to back up his work now. What is known is for years archeologists have found Roman burials with remains featuring a small gold wire on the teeth or what is left of them. Theories suggest the wire, known as a ligature wire, was used for a similar effect as Celsus intended. That being to straighten the teeth.


There is probably not a dentist out there who is using gold wire for you braces.

But it’s fun to know who thought up such an idea in the first place and how braces, as we know them today, came into being.

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