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Guide on Mouth Guards

South Airdrie Smiles Dental Clinic’s Guide to Mouth Guards

Is your child an ‘active child’?

Did you know that a recent study showed that 84% of kids are involved in some sort of active sport each year? Want to guess what is one of the most common (and most expensive) bills that parents receive as a result of their child playing sports?

Dental injuries.

We know that you don’t want to see your child get hurt. The best ‘insurance’ against that is a good mouth guard!

There are 3 types of mouth guards. Two can be purchased over the counter, the “stock” mouth guard and the “boil and fit” mouth guard. These are available at most drug stores or big box retailers. It’s an easy-enough option in a pinch, but when the mouth guard doesn’t fit well, it becomes a distraction. It can cut up the child’s cheeks, it keeps falling out, and it becomes something they end up chewing on rather than focusing on the game.

The 3rd type of mouth guard is a custom fit option that we at South Airdrie Smiles Dental are happy to provide for you, with a scheduled appointment. We find these are best for growing children as the many over-the-counter versions often don’t fit well and the child winds up not wearing it at all. You can be confident that a simple, well-fitting mouth guard is far less expensive than the emotional and monetary cost associated with fixing a broken tooth! If that does happen though, click here to find out what to do if your child knocks a tooth out (hint: don’t use water!)

To make it even more enticing to wear, we can put custom prints on your child’s mouth guard. Their favorite sports team, initials or whatever fits your child’s personality. Regardless of which option you choose, please make sure that your child actually wears it during practice and games.

It’d be best to have a conversation with us regarding the impact of the sport that your child plays, protection level needed, and for how long they’d be wearing it. Feel free to give South Airdrie Smiles Dental Clinic a call!  New Patients, call 587-805-3094 and Existing Patients can call 587-819-5206 to go over that information.