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Tips on Gum Care From South Airdrie Smiles

Tips for Proactive Tooth and Gum Care for Your Young Child from your South Airdrie Smiles Dentists

Did you know that, regardless of your child’s age, there are a few things that YOU can do now to minimize the time that your child may need to wear braces, once they are old enough?
Keep an eye on your child and their eating habits. Yes, we realize that you’d expect your dentist to warn you about the effect of too much sugar on your child’s teeth – but we mean more than that.

  • Get your child to open wide and look down at their bottom teeth from a “birds eye view”. Do the same for their top teeth. Do you see crowding?
  • Listen for popping sounds when they’re eating.
  • Take note if they have trouble opening or closing their mouth.
  • Do their front teeth protrude? Those are typically more prone to dental injury due to sports or simply just horsing around.
  • Are they losing a lot of baby teeth? Have they had quite a few ‘adult’ teeth come in over the past 6 months?
  • Keep an eye out if it seems like they have too many teeth in their mouth, if they complain about their teeth hurting when they chew, or if they have trouble opening or closing their mouth.

If you see any of this happening with your child, please give our offices a call and let’s schedule an appointment to assess whether or not we need to evaluate a timeline for braces.
Yes, these few simple tips will help you keep an eye out for any potential issues as your child develops. Of course, if you have any questions/concerns, please don’t hesitate to give your South Airdrie Smiles Dental Clinic a call at 587-805-3094 (New Patients) or 587-819-5206 (Existing Patients).