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Invisible Braces

South Airdrie Smiles Invisalign – Invisible braces option for straighter teeth

Our last few blog posts have covered the various types of braces available, should you (or your child) have a desire for straighter teeth. So far we’ve covered the metal brackets every one associates with “braces” when they think of them and ceramic options.

While we won’t know which option is best for you or your child until they’re ready to have an orthodontic exam, another option that may be possible is Invisalign.

The Invisalign straightening system is one that has proven to be very popular as it replaces metal wires with transparent plastic trays that gently push teeth into place over time. The teeth straightening trays are practically invisible, eliminating any concerns about the cosmetic appearances associated with braces. Invisalign also allows anyone wearing them to eat, drink, and clean their teeth as normal, since the straightening trays are easily removable.

This option is one of the most preferred for adults who have orthodontic needs, but we see a lot of younger patients who express interest in them as well.

The best part? No one will know you have “braces”! It’s so discreet, many of our team members are currently getting it done and patients have no clue until we tell them. It’s perfect for people who don’t want to have pictures of them in braces at important events like weddings or graduations.

Want to know if your South Airdrie Smiles Dental Clinic thinks Invisalign may be an option? Give our friendly staff a call at 587-805-3094 (New Patients) or 587-819-5206 (Existing Patients).