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Teeth Whitening

The Best Product for Enamel Safe Whitening

Do you want to be noticed for your beautiful smile as well as your awesome personality…but your smile isn’t as white as you’d like? We all know a bright white smile can light up any room you walk into. Obviously, to achieve a whiter smile, you would undergo some sort of whitening process. It feels like there are a million and one products out there for whitening your teeth. You have options in your dental office, options at home, and options on the go. How do you know what the best and safest options are? Too often we impulse buy, especially at Shoppers and Walmart. Before you reach for the shiny, sparkly, new whitening product on the shelf, let’s do some research!

First and foremost, you want to ensure you have healthy strong enamel on your teeth. Healthy enamel is white in color and is responsible for protecting your teeth. When that enamel wears away, the yellow dentin beneath is revealed. An exam at the nearest dental office and cleaning is the best way to determine what condition your teeth are in, so you can start your journey to the bright side!

Whitening In-Office

An in-office procedure to whiten your teeth will provide you with faster results and they may last longer as well. While slow and steady is typically best with whitening, your dental professional can your individual needs. However, please note that often patients note sensitivity for a couple of days following this procedure.

Whitening with Custom Trays and Gel

Ask your dentist what take-home options they have for you. Most dental offices have a whitening gel that comes in different concentrations and your dentist can give you what he feels is best for the health of your teeth. Whitening gel requires trays to keep the gel in place for a determined amount of time. Your dentist will custom-fit trays just for you! So, you’ll get a nice even whitening.

Whitening Strips/Trays

The most enamel-safe whitening base is hydrogen peroxide. Many name brands make whitening strips/tray options that you can purchase at your dental office or local retailer with this as the main ingredient. Also look for enamel repair, enamel therapy, or something similar on the package. Sometimes these products have extra protection for you!

Hydrogen Peroxide

Using hydrogen peroxide alone is also an option! It’s safest to dilute the concentration before using. You can use the peroxide as a mouthwash before you brush your teeth. If you pick up a bottle at your local drugstore, you are most likely to find a 3% solution. You will want to dilute that to 1.5% by mixing equal parts water and peroxide. Remember to not overuse the peroxide or use too strong of a concentration.

Remember: Brushing and flossing are key to a healthy smile. Increasing your brushing and flossing may help decrease staining thus whitening your teeth! If you brush every time you eat or drink, you are ensuring those particles aren’t getting stuck in there contributing to stains.